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Ozdisan Electronic PCB Assembly Manufacturing

Our Competences,

  • SMT and THT total approximately 350.000 pieces component assembly capacity / hour
  • No clean and lead free processing
  • IPC-A-610 & IPC J-STD-001 Certificate
  • In line automated optical inspection is applied for all boards just after SMT reflow process to detect soldering, misplacement, orientation and polarity defects.
  • Solder Paste Inspection
  • Chemical cleaning is available for the assemblies as per customer request.
  • Component range : up to 0201 chips and 42mm IC.
  • To obtain better solder joints, Nitrogen atmosphere is used in reflow ovens and wave soldering machines to avoid oxidation during soldering process.
  • Automated Insertion
  • BGA Re-work stations
  • Ultra-fine pitch ,QFP,QFN, BGA,CSP, micro BGA assembly
  • Aging Test (Temp/Humidity Chamber) As per customer request, temperature cycling test can be applied for the assemblies
  • Flying probe test equipment is used for very small batches or prototype assemblies. This enables to avoid fixture investment for very low volume production
  • Automated conformal coating is applied to the boards to eliminate harsh environmental impact for industrial and defense products according to customer request.
  • RoHS compliant assembly
  • X-Ray Inspection
  • PCB size : 50mm x 40mm  up to 1200mm x 350mm
  • ICT Test & FCT Test, 100% test is applied for all assemblies. High end test technologies (i.e. HP3070) are in place to test the boards. In-circuit and functional tests are performed as per customer request. Test development can also be provided to our customers.

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